Our other products


Extra Large Egg 20 per tray

 Medium Eggs 30 per tray

 Free Range Eggs 30 per tray

 1L Liquid Egg Yolk


150g Thick and Creamy Yogurts

 125g Fat Free Yogurts

 2L Natural Yogurts

 5L Natural Yogurts

 200g Mixed Muller Yogurts

 125g Natural Yogurts

Organic Products

125g Organic Yogurts

 400g Gluton Free Bread

 4 pack Glutenn Free Rolls

Drinks and Juices

1L Orange Juice UHT

 1L Apple Juice UHT

 1L Grapefruit Juice UHT

 1L Pineapple Juice UHT

 250ml Orange/Apple/Pineapple Juice

 500ml Still Water 


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